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Medical Forte was established on the 1st December 2005 in Turin, Italy, its presence having evolved from much thought and discussion commencing in January 2005.

Medical Forte has been established to bring Medical Information and the latest Technology in Medicine to publication in specific areas of interest where there would appear to be such an area of special advancement in science that the latest technology is brought to the reader as a "new era" for advancement in various Medical, surgical and scientific applications. We aim to cover books in content and presentation as yet un chartered and provide publications available for reference in various innovative formats.

Medical Forte - International Directory of Meshes and Materials in Hernia Surgery

Author - Rosemary Jane Harrison - LL.B LL.M LL.D BSc
Biomedical Science

Format - A5 Looseleaf

Publication Date - 2012


- Prosthetic Permanent Meshes

- Totally Bioabsorbable Meshes

- Partially Bioabsorbable Meshes

- Plug and Mesh analysis including Robbins and Rutkow

- W.L. Gore & Associates 100% Bioabsorbable Hernia Plug

- Absorbable and permanent Sutures

- Fixing agents, including Fibrin Sealant, Glubran 2

- Adhesion prevention including Seprafilm, uses of textured surfaces including Corduroy

- Applications of Meshes and Materials to open and Laparoscopic Hernia Repair

- Specific open hernia repairs including Bassini, Shouldice, Cooper Ligament Repair

- Recent methods in open hernia repairs including Irving Lichtenstein tension free Hernioplasty


Medical Forte Hernia DataWeb™ ©

Medical Forte have pleasure in announcing the formation of their DataWeb for Meshes, plugs and other items essential for Hernia Surgery.

This is to be a subscription Based Service available on its own website, (address to be announced) Globally and 24 hours a day. The Service is to provide a full database on each and every Mesh, Plug and item required in Hernia Surgery both Open and Laprascopic.

The DataWeb aims to cover all manufacturers Globally and shall contain information on areas such as

- All available and relevant Academic papers and study on each and every product

- Recommended uses in Surgery

- Structure and Analysis on the Composition

Other areas are to be added once the DataWeb is available

The Medical Forte Hernia DataWeb™ © shall contain full details on all types of Meshes, plugs and further items used in Hernia Surgery, such as SepraFilm and covers areas from Polypropylene Mesh, ePTFE, PTFE, Crosslinked & UnCrosslinked Collagen to Bioabsorbable synthetic Mesh or Plug and Modern Concept Mesh such as Atrium Omega3 Gel Mesh.

Further details regarding the DataWeb and subscription details shall be available soon.......

If you would like to express an interest in the dataWeb and enlist on the provisional subscription list, please send in your details, we shall hold the details and when subscription is ready for the operation of the dataWeb we shall contact you, no payment is necessary until you decide to subscribe to the DataWeb when we contact you with subscription details and you decide to take up a subscription.

All contact with regard to The Medical Forte Hernia DataWeb™ © on

Medical Forte HeadQuarters are based in London, United Kingdom, but we operate Globally & have satellite Offices in various areas of the Globe.

Medical Forte Science/Surgical Collaboration

5th International Hernia Congress - The world Hernia celebration - New York - USA - 2012

Medical Forte parades its International Hernia Mesh Charts in 2012 for the World Hernia Celebration of the 5th International Hernia Congress of the American Hernia Society [AHS], European Hernia Society [EHS] & the Asian Pacific Hernia Society [APHS] in New York, USA.

Rosemary Jane Harrison BSc - Biomedical Research Scientist

Download each Medical Forte Chart from the 5th International Hernia Congress 28th-31st March 2012

- Medical Forte - International Hernia Mesh Chart - Pdf Download

- Medical Forte - International - Tissue Engineering Biomaterials Hernia Chart - Pdf Download


Medical Forte would like to acknowledge and thank W.L. Gore & Associates for their invitation and sponsorship at the 27th International Congress of the European Hernia Society - Turin, Italy - December 2005

Medical Forte would like to acknowledge and thank the Cruciform Library at University College, London for the use of their facilities in the production of the inaugural publication for Medical Forte. UHC

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Click HERE to download a pre-publication selected manufacturers copy of the Medical Forte International Hernia Mesh Chart, further manufacturers and details available with the Loose-Leaf publication and the full International Hernia Mesh Chart and further Charts on other areas and details included in the publication.



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